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The Downsides of Structural Inability, and the Importance of Being Proactive

February 19, 2019

Structural instability is defined as the point when a building or other construction becomes affected by things that can potentially unsettle them.  Although tactics designed to induce fear are far too commonly utilized in healthcare today to influence patient behavior, it would be fair to, in acknowledging that the human body is similar to a building or other construction, use fear as a tool for emphasis at least of the following fact, which goes almost completely undiscussed in modern traditional physician offices: if your body is structurally unstable, it will break down and exhibit the myriad symptoms thereof, and it will contribute greatly to your health's demise. 


Dr. Chad, on this episode, describes structural instability in the human body and shares the simple steps to take in order to restore stability over the long haul.

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